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Machine vision and
machine learning

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    Effective solution of production control and management tasks

    Monitoring the correct operation of components and aggregates

    The level of intelligence of machine vision systems today is so high that it allows you to easily and quickly solve many problems of control and management of production, which a few years ago had only to dream about, or it was considered exclusively the prerogative of human. Machine vision systems based on smart cameras and sensors, as well as special image processing algorithms, can improve any industrial process — increase the speed of production, reduce the number of defects, and reduce costs. The use of modern machine learning technologies raises the intelligence of machine learning systems to the human level. The system trained on the initial data set can be further trained, which means, improve its efficiency without reprogramming the main algorithm.

    Product safety guarantee

    • Identification of anomalies
    • Packaging quality checking
    • Reduction in the volume of low-quality products

    Quality and brand protection

    • Product and packaging quality guarantee
    • Product tracking
    • Prevention from “packaging mix-up”
    • “Net weight” guarantee

    Productivity improvement

    • Increasing the speed of the production lines
    • Reducing the cost of manual labor
    • Quick changeover during manufacturing a wide range of products

    Feasible Activities


    Pre-project work

    • Pre-project survey
    • Preparation of technical specifications and other project documentation

    Delivery and adjustment of hardware

    • Delivery, installation, adjustment, and commissioning of all supplied machine vision equipment

    Service and warranty handling

    • Consulting and engineering support
    • Warranty and post-warranty service

    Software development

    Development of both individual modules and distributed information systems with a modern user interface

    Completed Projects

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